Zepto Clone Script

Start Your Very Own Online Grocery Ordering And Delivery Service.

Reach your customers when they need it most with the help of our Zepto Clone App Script – GroceryNCart. Our on-demand grocery ordering and delivery service software is convenient, affordable and easy to use. Suitable for local retail grocery and supermarket chains as well as entrepreneurs and businesses looking to debut into the on-demand service industry.

About Zepto

Zepto is an instant grocery delivery service company, promising to deliver groceries in just 10 minutes. Zepto works based on the dark store business model, they state that the utilization of location intelligence such as geography, population, road patterns, traffic dynamics, weather, last-mile supply availability, and so on, has made it possible for them to make most use of their business model.

Their dark stores or micro warehouses allow quick fulfillment of orders. Once an order is placed by a customer it is received by the Zepto employee in the dark store who confirms and packs the order at the same time a delivery agent is allotted to deliver the order to the customer location. Based on the AI and ML models, Zepto is able to predict the necessary items and the quantity required to be stored in each dark store.


The Zepto Clone – GroceryNCart

GroceryNCart is our fully customizable and scalable clone of the Zepto app. The Zepto Clone app is a comprehensive online food delivery service software package with features similar to that of the popular Zepto app. Our clone is suitable for entrepreneurs who wish to enter the online grocery delivery industry.

How We Are Able To Offer A Customizable
zepto Clone Solution To Businesses?

Our GroceryNCart grocery delivery app is the clone script of Zepto . Our Zepto clone script is a white label replication of the existing original product. The source code of the Zepto clone script – GroceryNCart has been tested and modified to be reliable and efficient in its working. All the features of parent – Zepto are replicated in GroceryNCart Zepto clone script. The script can also be customized, scaled and integrated with extensions to make it flexible to meet your specific needs and growing demands.

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White-Label Applications Of The Zepto Clone

Create your own on-demand grocery business with the help of our white-label product – GroceryNCart. We have made it easy for you to jump start your business with our feature filled customizable and scalable applications.

Zepto Clone Customer App – Seamless Ordering Experience

The customer is designed to provide a seamless online grocery ordering experience. The UI/UX design of the customer app is based on inspiration from popular grocery ordering apps like Zepto , Tesco, Shipt and so on. It has several features like search and filter, live tracking, support chat, etc. to name a few.

Zepto Clone Customer Website

The customer website is another platform through which orders can be placed and tracked by the customers. The Website is designed to be resilient and responsive, customers can navigate easily to find the grocery they like to eat, place the order, make the payment and track in real-time.

Zepto Clone Restaurant App – Manage Orders With Simplicity

The restaurant app is designed intuitively for restaurant owners to navigate easily to check new orders, accepted orders, check delivery status and receive instruction and feedback from customers.They can easily generate reports based on Order ID, Customer Name, Payment Type, and Order Status and contact support through the in app chat feature.

Zepto Clone Restaurant Web Website

The web platform for restaurants provides an Administrator Overview for restaurateurs to manage and add details of the various items on their menu, view the overall sales, incoming orders, accepted orders and completed orders. Features are provided for restaurant owners to generate invoices and reports for accounting purposes.

Zepto Clone Delivery Agent App – Efficient Grocery Delivery

The Delivery Agent App is provided for the delivery agents responsible for transporting the order from the restaurant location to the customer drop point. The app is integrated with Google Maps and shows the best possible route for the driver to commute efficiently. The app also has features like order listing, order detail, order status & alert notification for new orders near the agent.

Zepto Clone Admin Website – Manage With Ease

The Admin Website is for the owner of the GroceryNCart – Zepto clone online Grocery Delivery business. The Admin site allows the business owner to have a complete overview of their business. The website is filled with features that allow you to add and approve restaurants, delivery agents, manage referrals and promotions, set commissions for referrals and fee charged from restaurant businesses.

Why Choose Our White-Label Zepto Clone Solution ?

As our product is launch-ready it saves a lot of development time and cost for you. Our clone solution can be customized for your business needs easily and quickly – “Basically Our Zepto Clone Solution Is A Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Solution For To Launch Your On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business”

Multi City

Increase your geological delivery location by adding multiple cities.

Multi Vendor

The vendor can have an option to manage products, offers and deals of the stores.

Multi Store

The single merchant can have and manage multiple stores with all the products, offers and deals.

Discount Voucher

The customer can apply coupon code for multiple stores in order.

Simple Cart

The customer can add multiple store items, view the product quantity of multiple stores and add notes to each store item.

Dispatch System

The customer can choose dispatch system to deliver products to their preferable location.

Simple Checkout

Simple & handy ways to fill your delivery address, make payments and review your cart items.

Delivery Agent App

Delivery Agent App features have order login, listing, order detail, map, order status and alert notification for waiting orders.

Real Time Tracking

The merchant can track instant driver status as waiting for a response, driver accepted and order delivered.


Get quick answers for many questionnaires in Grocery delivery services.

With a website or mobile apps, now it’s easy for the customers to order their essential groceries from the supermarkets nearby and getting it delivered at your doorstep

There is no refund for the grocery delivery script once purchased. We suggest checking our demo to see whether it fulfills your needs before purchase.

We have 2 plans on grocery multi vendor application under these, namely,
1. Platinum/Custom Design Plan
2. Developer/Source Code Plan.

Custom made design on top grocery delivery clone script as per your requirement

Default design as per your requirement over grocery delivery script. We suggest checking our demo to see whether it fulfills your need before purchase

Default design as per your requirement with grocery software. We suggest checking our demo to see whether it fulfills your needs before purchase.

We provide free installation food for your best grocery clone script.

Delivering grocery multi vendor application by 10-15 days.

2-48 Hours of top grocery delivery clone script.

Lifetime support for grocery multi vendor application

A timeline of 1 Month at which the top grocery delivery clone script gets delivered

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