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As a web designer or a webmaster, you would know that "flash animation" is a very powerful medium to express your ideas and creativity online. But there are certain limitations to using the concept when creating and designing websites. As with any technological innovation used for web designing, "flash animation" has its own sets of pros and cons. If you are an aspiring web designer or would like to be your own web master, may we present to you a little information on what "flash animation" can do and cannot do for you.

What "flash animation" can help you with

  • With "flash animation" your movies, menus and even animations are possible.
  • You do not have to struggle too hard when you create or view "flash animation".
  • "Flash animation" doesn't depend on any operating system or browsers, so it is very compatible across all domains. All you need to have is a "Flash Plug In" ad you are good to go.
  • If you have banners made through "flash animation", the chances of getting clicks are much more higher than those which don't have flash, for example GIF's which are static.
  • If you would like to add more and have a super introduction to your website, use "flash animation".
  • If you love watching movies or videos online, you need to have "flash animation" and applications installed.

What "flash animation" cannot help you with

  • For search engines "flash animation" doesn't work, crawl texts do. Most websites which run purely on "flash animation" very rarely have higher rankings on search engines, since images aren't indexed by them. Pages which are based on HTML have more chances to be ranked high on search engines than those which run solely on "flash animation".
  • Mostly visitors come to your page to gain information, not to only view animation, so ask yourself if you really need to build your website using "flash animation"!
  • Loading time with "flash animation" can be very long, this would make your customers run away sooner than the homepage can load. Is that what you want??
  • If there are audio files embedded within "flash animation", the download time can be high, causing it to be a total bummer for those who visit your page.

These were the pros and cons of having "flash animation" as a platform, to build your website on, the choice is now yours to decide, do you want "flash animation" or not?
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