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Glory Osaghae
Hi, my name is Glory from Pinkhippo.com.au, I have been in working relationship with Roamsoft for over 3 months. Initially, we had a look at different software development company, to help build our online marketplace. And in the end we chose Roamsoft. Why? This was because I needed a source that can help keep me on top of my game, and the CEO of Roamsoft and his team did just that. They provided real solutions for me with products, services and competitive prices for my needs. What sets them apart from the other developers is their commitment to the customers. For over 3 months they helped customised my business needs.

The other reason why we used Roamsoft is their staff. From the CEO Paul Mohan, to the programmers, designers and engineers testing the softwares have been nothing short of excellent. For months i engaged their team on Skype to familiarise myself with their software to enable me teach my staff. They never complained and always available to help. And they gave me more than i paid for. Always willing to assist. I look forward to working with them for years to come.
Ricardo Pires
It was a pleasure working with Roamsoft, Paul and is team work hard to have all our ideas has we asked. It was a quick job and with excellent performance and they seem very worried about our goals and some small bugs where also solved. Will hire again since it was a pleasure working with them.
It was very good to work with Paul. The communication was good and we were able to get around extra issues without costing me a lot of money. Will work with again.
John MacKenzie Ethical Host
Paul and his team have done a fantastic job responding to my questions and fairly nitpicky requests with professionalism. They have created a site just about exactly how i envisioned it and have tolerated my numerous questions and clarification and modification requests. I will work with them further to add a few more customizations to the site as well moving forward. Highly recommend Paul and his team.
Thank you and congratulations to Roamsofttech"s team for its professionalism and support.I enjoyed to work with this team of professionals, always available, always responsive to my needs.They were able to meet their commitments in terms of time, budget and quality of sites delivered. I enthusiastically recommend them.
A very wonderful company to work with, complete project on time, every easy to work with, I have work with them on four project and will continue to use them going forward. A++ Highly Recommended.
Good communication and great job we are very happy with their understading, efforts, and knowledge.Definitly we will repeat and we will develop more projects with this team.
Roamsoft did a good job handling this project. They understand what i want and need and get to it immediately. Will definitely use them again! Recommended!
Very satisfied with the work done. Good communication and they keep their promises regarding daily update and so on. 5 stars from here, good job.
Yaner Akul
Excellent Job they did wonderful and excellent job.Perfect staff and great help.thank you.
Roamsoft"s team did a great job and is highly skilled for taking on big site projects. They report well, listen to what you have to say and communicate very well overall. Their designers do a great job to get you the best design for your site"s purpose as possible.
Mark Paul
Paul and is team have made a really good job with the site. Patient and prepared, he has made all the changes and the adjustments that i reequested him.The site looks really good now. We"re definitely going to work together soon.
Sam Alwin
Paul and his team at Roamsoft have been wonderful to work with. Being new to the design process, I needed a professional design partner that was both creative, helpful and responsive. I found all of these qualities and more during my experience working with Roamsoft. They are extremely good at following through at tasks and have a great intuitive grasp for understanding what direction, steps and changes are needed to bring your vision into the site design (both graphically and functionally). Lastly, Paul helps keep the design process on schedule - and that"s important for busy people like myself. Overall, I would highly suggest working with Roamsoft!
James Anderson
Roamsoft have been very great in truely designing a unique form of aggregator software. Truely professional guys that have a dedicated team of programmers to customers my aggregator site. I am impressed with their work and would encourage others to work with them in future
Paul is the young and energetic man who makes me wonder by his professional business commitments!His Roamsoft team keeps me and my partners always "WOWing" by their timely and systematic periodicdeliveries. I am flattered by their requirement gathering method and productive work of Roamsoft team.A guy to believe, A company to recommend!!
I have been working with roamsoft for some time now and everything has been perfect every single time. Will continue to use roamsoft again and again.
Paul was very personable and worked hard to satisfy the design specifications of the site. His team had the initial prototype site done in 2 weeks! Very impressive work. If you"re specific with your design specs his team won"t disappoint!
Mark Johnson
Paul and the team at Roamsoft did a great job on my project. Their PHP knowledge is extensive, and they followed any requests I made during the project. They met the project both in-budget and in-time. I would certainly use them again!
Roamsoft are the best Team i ever seen here on freelancer, i had bad experience with providers all the time, but whn i found [Roamsoft]Provider it was like a gift from Heaventhank you guys you did a great job as usual
Great job. Excellent communication by Paul and his team. Will use this team again and again!! Very impressed with the knowledge and knowhow of the difficult challenges of this job. Can"t say enough nice things about the experience that I had working on this project! Thanks Paul and Roamsoft!!
David mchency
This team is the most reliable, honest and one of the most skilled i ever met. They understand your requirements and they always deliver on time. An amazing Team I will be working with them on my next projects. You can fully trust on them.
Great experience working with them. They were fast, figured out how to fix the problem with our website quite quickly and had working results right away! I would recommend highly.
very good company, fast and flexible. He did all theme customizations I asked for, and done all exactly as required. Highly recommended. Will definitely work with him again. Thanx Paul!
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