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Soundcloud Clone Script

If you eat, sleep, and live music, you will simply love this news. Finally there is a platform where you can upload your music and share it with the world and get reactions instantly. Yes, I am talking about Sounds Cloud Clone, a PHP website that cares about people like you who want to create music and share it with others who are as passionate about music as you. The website has all the tools for recording and uploading your music. All you have to do is to make a few clicks to upload and share your creation to all other music lovers.

See the sounds you created

You have only heard your creations until now. But you can actually see the beautiful; shape of your music as once you upload them to Sounds Cloud Clone, they are given a beautiful shape that can be visualized by all including you. So you not just hear them, you can also admire the shape of your music. As you will realize later, getting a shape truly helps in socialization.

Get the comments you have always desired

It goes without saying that all creators need to be told about their creations whether as praise or as a critical analysis. With the help of this great tool, your music goes to the ears of many more music lovers who are members of the site and they give their valuable opinions and comments that is invaluable for a budding musician like you. This feedback is not biased and lets you know your weak points, if there are any, and start on improvements. You can even thank for the feedback and seek clarifications if there are any doubts. This is one feature loved by all members as it also lets them make new friends for lifetime.

Explore the world of creators

You will be surprised to see many more people like you onboard as you join Sounds Cloud Clone. There are people and groups who share the passion for music like you and are more than happy to receive you and share thoughts and opinions coming from the bottom of their hearts. As you become acquainted with the groups and people, you also get information about some great apps that are available on the website. These apps are designed to help in creation, recording, and upload of music to the site.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a member of the growing community of music lovers and creators today.

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