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Web Solutions

Online Food Ordering Solution

The online business has become increasingly competitive and the right solutions for your business are very crucial in increasing sales as well as improving your business. MenuOrderApp created by Roamsoft, is an online food ordering platform for the Hotel and Restaurant owners. An easy and attractive menu can be provided with all available options and dynamically adjusted to order food online. The orders can be placed through Website Ordering/ Mobile App Ordering/ Facebook Ordering. MenuOrderApp will assist Restaurant owner to increase their sales and provide better customer support and engagement.

In today’s world, it is a must to have online system to increase the profit of the business and to serve easily to customers. The latest research shows that 43 percent of consumers have placed a takeout or delivery order online. Restaurants that offer online ordering benefit from having customers satisfied by the convenience. Many restaurants have chosen to focus on quick preparation and speedy delivery of orders rather than offering a rich dining experience.

Also an online system is available anytime, anywhere, thus it increases the number of orders for the restaurant. As for the customers, they can choose the item they want at their convenient time. Just using the tip of finger people can explore the shopping world hassle free and less effort in going to the restaurant.

Online Grocery Store Solution

Online shopping has been known as a rapidly growing business, and it is now being recognized for its potential. ROAMSOFT offers high-tech way to get all the work done in an easy way for the customers by delivering the grocery items at their door steps. Customers can purchase and order groceries online. Our grocery solution app is much more streamlined, technologically efficient and definitely stands out as a safe and easy portal for the customers.

The system is developed with a user-friendly and attractive graphical user interface. It delivers a wide range of groceries available online. Customers can login into the system to view the groceries and add them into their cart. They can then order it by making a secure online payment or cash on delivery. The system functionality of products and orders is stored on server side in a web service. It consists of client side scripting for placing orders by connecting to the server side web service.

Creating a grocery store app has a legion of benefits. It helps you stay in touch with your customers incessantly. Through apps, you can send push notifications about the latest offers in grocery products and the recent product arrivals in your grocery store.

Dispatch system Solution

ROAMSOFT provides a very good dispatch system. Dispatch system is a procedure for delivery drivers or vehicles to customers. With vehicle dispatching, customers are matched to vehicles according to the order in customer’s location. The dispatcher communicates with the driver of each vehicle via two-way radio.

An online food Delivery platform launched by Roamsoft is to connect the customers to the Restaurant. The process of food delivery is simplified by utilizing this platform. Deliberr offers a range of features like Order Tracking, Driver Management, Track location, Map, Order tracking for customers etc... The delivery service provided by Deliberr will be easy tracking, speed delivery with dedicated support for the Restaurant owners. The customers can enjoy high quality food delivered in the comfort of their own homes.

The main objective of Deliberr is to deliver the food with the best simplest online Food Delivery platform and provide quality service to the customers. Our focus will be to increase the Restaurant sales, reduce customer complaints and provide suitable app for Restaurant owners and drivers. Customer can able to track their food delivery and contact driver. We provide a free of charge tablet to the restaurant owners so that driver request can be made by a single click. A dedicated support team will always be available on a daily basis including holidays and weekends.

Online MarketPlace Solution

An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. Online Market Place plays an important role for the growth of business and when the solution is understood, built and solved at scale, this enables marketplaces to grow exponentially.

Welcome to Roamsoft’s official website, where you can find one of the best online marketplace solutions at an affordable price. This platform comes ideally for a wide range of ecommerce projects like from start-ups and small web shops to large and multi-store online marketplaces. The solution is aimed towards virtual shopping malls and enterprise-level ecommerce projects with multiple independent vendors selling their products and services through a common platform. Multiple vendors can sign up to sell their products online. Every single vendor is provided with a separate individual admin panel to manage and control own product inventory, clients, orders, payments and any necessary store settings.

Ecommerce solution

A custom shopping cart that is developed for your business is the best solution. It will provide you with exactly what you need for your business, no less. And more important, your site security is in your hands not others. Don’t settle for anything less, Roamsoft helps to get your shopping cart developed for you as a part of ecommerce solution.

E-Commerce platform includes Update, Edit, Add & amp; Remove products, Easily upload product images, Product details & amp; descriptions, Order quantity, and Custom attributes such as Colour, Size & amp; More robust search functionality, Integrated shopping cart etc.

Laundry solution Store Solution

LaundryNcart has different elements which deal with every one of the complexities of order management. You can auto-appoint pickups and conveyances to your field specialists in light of separation, bunch, accessibility, bearing, and so on. LaundryNcart will likewise organize all you’re pending and up and coming out of this world, from various platforms and from numerous customers.

In addition, LaundryNcart has some expertise in getting rid of normal wellsprings of wastefulness both in administration and in pickup-conveyance operations on the ground. It encourages the move of your business into a very improved on-request advanced space.

Roamsoft provides flexible and business-specific features to manage a comprehensive on-demand Laundry business.