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QuoteFinder is a wide marketplace of all kind of services like home services, event management, lessons, insurance, wellness, business etc. It is a number one online market place for all services of Canada. Clients can receive multiple quotes from the service providers in their respective area. Where people can submit the request, receive customized quotes from top professionals to complete the project and then compare the professionals and hire the right one.


  • The main aim of QuoteFinder is to provide all kinds of services to the customers from home services to business.
  • Our focus is to do everything online and to save time of the clients.
  • To provide verified services.
  • To Offer high quality marketing and technical talent.
  • Providing several options and pick the best professional to do the job.

Business Requirements

Brand Positioning

Content Marketing

Content Strategy

Custom Wordpress

Information Architecture

SEO & Analytics

UX & Prototyping

Website Design


  • The major challenge is identifying and hiring the best and right professional for the particular project.
  • It is difficult to find experienced professionals, who can quickly align themselves with the way to complete the work.
  • Another big challenge is time - takes much time without an online service.

Solution Approach

  • QuoteFinder saves time – No more phone calls and paper hassle.
  • It provides verified services.
  • QuoteFinder helps to do everything online.
  • Get several options and pick the best professional to do the job.
  • Very simple to use and do not require any technical knowledge.


QuoteFinder is the next generation of online directory, replacing the traditional phone book. With information now available immediately thanks to the advent of smart phones, clients can now request quotes - and service professionals can now reply - whilst on the run. As a free service to clients, it allows them to connect with service providers within their local area whilst reviewing their credentials online, without any obligation to commitment. Saving time and money with just one click, clients receive multiple quotes from a range of service professionals so that they then have the power to choose who is right for their job and at the right price!

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