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Dispatch System

ROAMSOFT provides a very good dispatch system. Dispatch system is a procedure for delivery drivers or vehicles to customers. With vehicle dispatching, customers are matched to vehicles according to the order in customer’s location. The dispatcher communicates with the driver of each vehicle via two-way radio.

An online food Delivery platform launched by Roamsoft is to connect the customers to the Restaurant. The process of food delivery is simplified by utilizing this platform. Deliberr offers a range of features like Order Tracking, Driver Management, Track location, Map, Order tracking for customers etc... The delivery service provided by Deliberr will be easy tracking, speed delivery with dedicated support for the Restaurant owners. The customers can enjoy high quality food delivered in the comfort of their own homes.

The main objective of Deliberr is to deliver the food with the best simplest online Food Delivery platform and provide quality service to the customers. Our focus will be to increase the Restaurant sales, reduce customer complaints and provide suitable app for Restaurant owners and drivers. Customer can able to track their food delivery and contact driver. We provide a free of charge tablet to the restaurant owners so that driver request can be made by a single click. A dedicated support team will always be available on a daily basis including holidays and weekends.

Intimates The Restaurant Owner
  • Once the order is placed Dispatch System takes over the order and intimates the restaurant owner the order details in terms of menu as well as information about the delivery details. Dispatch now automatically sources the nearest driver to the order for pick up from the restaurant the order was made to and sends a message to the Driver for the pickup. The driver acknowledges the order and picks the order from the restaurant
  • The customer and the restaurant owner can now track the order through the delivery process until the order reaches the customer. Once the order is delivered the Delivered notification reaches the restaurant owner.
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Track the entire order system:

  • Dispatch System ensures the restaurant owner has complete knowledge of the food delivery management from anywhere.
  • The owner can track the entire order system through the app and can view reports of all the orders and deliveries.
  • Dispatch app makes sure that restaurants have more orders and thereby increasing the business of the restaurant and customers have the satisfaction of picking their favourite food from their favourite restaurant.
  • The customers are more pleased to view their order being delivered through the tracking system and this means they can know when their order would reach them instead of waiting for the order.

Money saved:

  • Dispatch System makes the delivery system very organized and efficient by analyzing the efficiency in picking the nearest delivery person wherein time saved would mean money saved for the restaurant owner.
  • Dispatch will help integrate this app into the website of the restaurant as well as their face book page.
  • Dispatch online food ordering system is a comprehensive solution for all the obstacles faced by restaurants and consumers. It is fast, reliable and accurate and extremely easy to integrate and use. Start using Dispatch System now.
Exclusive Features Of Dispatch
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