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The online business has ended up being continuously engaged and the right solutions for your business are to a great degree indispensable in growing deals and furthermore upgrading your business. Customer's essential was to develop an android flexible application for Laundry Service Management. This is to urge their clients to put in their attire demands.Roamsoft technologies considered customer's prerequisite and gives a platform to laundry benefit in this way built up a LaundryNcart App with tweaked components to oversee laundry services.


  • The primary goal of LaundryNcart is to give your Laundry business the essential programming framework to deal with a portable workforce, streamline pickups and deliveries of clothes and manage timely appointments to your clients.
  • Additionally transform your business into an exceptionally streamlined on-demand advanced space.Gives adaptable and business-particular features to deal with a far reaching on-demand Laundry business.

Business Requirements

Brand Positioning

Content Marketing

Content Strategy

Custom Wordpress

Information Architecture

SEO & Analytics

UX & Prototyping

Website Design


  • People needed to invest time, and frequently they needed to remain in a line sitting tight for their turn. Regardless of the possibility that somebody favored a laundry over clothing machines, at that point likewise they needed to set aside out opportunity to visit the store to first drop and after that get their garments.
  • The most common challenge faced by laundry store owners is getting the customers when there is no application or website.Customers find it hard to locate the laundry store.

Solution Approach


LaundryNcart helps both the laundry store owners and their clients providing all sorts of front and back end laundry services by just tap of a button.

Solution Works for

Speed delivery

Simple tracking

Dedicated support

Solution Works for

Speed delivery

Simple tracking

Dedicated support

Sucess Rates

Numbers that make the product leads to a high sucess rate


Restaurants Signed Up


Orders Processed


Happy Customers!

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