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Our Ecommerce Solution gives you a chance to make stores that connect with customers and make more deals. You can tweak your site, oversee orders and payments with our platform



As the popularity of eCommerce business is surging, the prospect of starting your online store can be exhilarating. But starting up a venture in this space is a tricky job, and sustaining is even tougher. Running an e-commerce store is entirely different. The major challenges faced are

  • Hard to Maintain customers loyalty
  • Lack of marketing knowledge, getting and keeping new clients
  • Difficult to balance quality and growth
  • Without an online platform it is difficult to run down your items


We, Roamsoft have built up a powerful internet business platform with the understanding that each online store must achieve similar basic errands − offer their items in a simple and easy to use way. E-Commerce platform includes update, edit, add & Remove products, easily upload product images etc.

  • We make you to connect with customers and make more deals
  • Enhance your business easily with variety of options
  • Easy to manage orders, payments and reports to analyze the business
  • Easy to run down your items


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Multiple payment process

Shoppiee shop sorts out in a simple way for our customers to purchase by accessing all major credit cards. It offers suitable payment options like PayPal.

Shipping method

Shoppiee shop consists of three types of shipping such as free shipping, flat-rate shipping, ship-by country wise and multiple shipping type options.


In Shoppiee shop, store owner can provide offer & discounts to the frequent & loyal customers based on products. Store owner can create this option.

Coupon Code

In Shoppiee shop, store owners can also provide coupons codes to customers only for specific products if they go beyond the minimum order price.

Multiple Language

In Shoppiee Shop, store owners can create new apps & website for their online store in multi-programming language. Shoppiee shop enhances business.

Secure Payment Transaction

The shoping cart software allows user to accept credit & debit cards and PayPal & Stripe payments by adapting with secured payment gateways.

Email Notifications

E-mail notification is sent to customers automatically when they accept or reject an order. Ensures secured order confirmation in online store

Managing Staff /Super Admin panel

In Shoppiee shop, store owner can manage & run their business by spiriting up their work to staff with access module rights. It reduces the work of the Admin panel.

Professional Themes

We offer you multiple themes that go well with your business. These stunning business themes are custom-built to provide all the features to promote your business online.

What our customers have to say ....

"Shopieeshop has helped me to develop my business incredibly. It’s been a pleasure because everything has been easier than I ever expected".

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