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PSD to XHTML conversion
PSD to XHTML conversion
Best tips for PSD to XHTML conversion

Just designing a good layout for your website is not enough, this is just fifty percent of your work done. You want to have a website which attracts plenty of visitors and cannot afford to have a shoddy website, can you? Hence what you should do is get your website design transformed to XHTML and streamlined versions, this would also enable your website to be SEO friendly.

Certain rules with XHTML

1. With XHTML you should have coding which is clean so that your website loads without hitches.
2. Your website should work well across all browsers.
3. Your website should be marked up to allow XHTML and the content flow smoothly.

Popularity of PSD to XHTML conversion

These days you cannot annul the popularity of PSD to XHTML conversion. For successful web designing PSD to XHTML conversion is a must. Yes, we know it is not easy to transform PSD to XHTML or even to have image formats converted to applied HTML or even CSS formats. However, if you have the right ideas and are creative enough, the task would be as simple as baking an apple pie. But there are some set rules defined for the conversion, which would include standards for coding as well.

REMEMBER : An inexperienced coder without proper knowledge of all set standards would not be able to give you the best results.

For PSD to XHTML conversion you need to be very focused on the job and for that, we would like to share some tips with you;
  • The pixel pattern achieved out of PSD to XHTML conversion should be more than just accurate; this would be in accordance to the design and layout of the website in question.
  • Do not ignore the backgrounds of the website, the header, body and even the footer of the page on the website. The PSD to XHTML conversion should allow the said components of the web page to mix and gel well, as broad as the screen goes that is.
  • The XHMTL codes should have good optimization, which is why most sites have the best rankings when you check reputed search engines.
  • The coding should be very compatible on all web browsers, this would help you reach a wider audience and your website would get more visitors everyday.
We hope these tips on PSD to XHTML conversion comes in handy for you, best of luck!!
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