Online Food Ordering Platform


We offer an online food Order Takeaway & Food Delivery platform with a drive to connect the customers to the Restaurant. Food Ordering & delivery is simplified by utilizing this platform.



In today’s world, it is a must to have online system to increase the profit of the business and to serve easily to customers. The latest research shows that 43 percent of consumers have placed a takeout or delivery order online. Restaurants that offer online ordering benefit from having customers satisfied by the convenience.

  • Taking orders over the phone takes time
  • Errors due to miscommunication
  • Language barriers, bad reception and human error contribute to incorrect orders
  • Lack of meaningful and usable customer data


Roamsoft introduced solutions for restaurants henceforth an online system is available anytime, anywhere, thus it increases the number of orders for the company. As for the customers, they can choose the item they want at their convenient time. Just using the tip of finger people can explore the shopping world hassle free and less effort in going to the restaurant.

  • Time consumption is less due to online ordering; The automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management, and other operational processes, lowers the number of employees
  • Table booking facility is available in our platform
  • Provided customer loyalty program
  • Our Platform is away from Miscommunication, Language barriers, bad reception and human error

Simplified Online Ordering Solution for All Restaurants.


Live Tracking

Restaurant owner can track drivers through admin panel. Delivery drivers can also track on the food status. On the whole, a tool with easy tracking is available.


GPRS Printer

Once an order is placed by the customer, restaurant owners will receive it with GPRS printer through invoice management feature.



Deal of the day also called as daily deal or flash sales or one deal a day like BUY 1 GET 1. The registered customers can receive online offers and invitations.



Customers have the option to add money using debit / credit card in the wallet& can place the orders whenever they require. It secures them from payment failures.



Every restaurant has their own static website. We provides restaurant's own menu ordering system to every restaurants. Provides small widget


Pusher Notification

When a customer orders food online, restaurant will get the message notification at the next second. order confirmation message reaches to the customer.


Offer Management

The main concept of the offer management is providing offers to the customers based on percentage, prices and validity. It attracts more customers


Facebook Ordering

We will help you to create facebook page for your restaurants .Customers can order and even pay for their order directly from your Facebook page.


Book a table

Customer can make a table reservation in advance by mentioning exact date and time. Table reservation saves time during rush hours.

What our customer's Experience....

"Our online orders are growing steadily. Taking orders over the internet at our website is easier than over phone."

Mohammed Mansour