Magento Customizations
Roamsoft has good expertise on Magento e-commerce platform. Magento is an open source e-commerce application that has already gained popularity as a major online shopping cart solution. It is robust and sophisticated, versatile and flexible. You have the power to control every aspect of your website – from merchandising to promotions. Magento has user friendly features so your store can attract more visitors which later convert into buyers or customers.
Besides the user friendly features, Magento also supports multiple languages and currencies, item comparisons, has shops by category and price options, and many other functions. Compared with other shopping cart software, Magento has greater possibilities for customization and Roamsoft shall aid you in this customization. It can do a lot of things efficiently and easily, covering customer demands and giving benefits to its administrators. Magento online stores and e-commerce websites are given the best flexibility in customizing the content, look and functionality of your store.
Other things that Magento customization offers include order editing, SEO URLs, coupon to meta-tags, order email editing, product comparison, reporting on abandoned shopping cart, and carry out shipping estimation. You only need to tell Roamsoft what exactly you need to customize.
When it comes to customization, it is true that Magento is a complicated business to a certain extent. So before deciding for customization, you should have a clear understanding and knowledge of what it is exactly that you want. Because Magento’s popularity is growing from day to day, you can be sure that a company like Roamsoft will help you with the right developers.
But why is Magento customization necessary? When an e-commerce site relates to an already heavy clientele base and multiple products, customization takes place. And customization of an online store that you cannot call small is not as simple as it may seem. Magento administration becomes easy to use once you got the right feature combination such as Magento modules and Magento extensions. There are many other things to consider if you are looking into Magento customization. There are the Magento theme, Magento skinning, shopping cart customization and integration, shipping/payment gateways, template design, SEO, and integration of 3rd party application/software.
At Roamsoft our Magento customization includes, among others, the following services.
  • 100% SEO friendly URLs
  • Easy webpage update through CMS,
  • Google analytics integration,
  • Flexible coupons that has the ability to restrict to customer groups, stores, time period, categories and products,
  • Batch import and export of catalogs
  • Ability to control multiple stores and websites from 1 admin panel
  • Multi lingual/multiple currencies
  • Ability to create one or multiple invoices, credit memos, shipments per order
  • One page checkout
  • Shipping to multiple addresses in one order,
Once you have decided to implement your Magento customization, you just need to contact Roamsoft. These people are knowledgeable, dedicated, professional and ready to give you the best results. And the best results are shown when your store has attracted a lot of traffic to it, and has made many conversions. Conversions mean your online visitors have turned into buyers. More buyers mean more profit and ultimately the success of your business.
There are many Magento developers advertising themselves online. You should however look at Roamsoft credentials and references first.