Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme, Fundraising Clone Script

Need a wonderful website to help you with fundraising activities, similar to the reputed ones out there, look at kickstarter for all. It is a platform that you can use and would be very close to reputed fundraising websites which you may have come across. With customized features and plenty of functionalities to work on, this would be an advantage for you to have, since it would replicate one of the best original fund raising websites.

With a variety to choose from

The online world has a wide range of categories for you to choose from, and most of them would be for utility needs. Kickstarter clone offers you fund raising functions and solutions which would have the best clone scripts in the IT world. And with the help of roamsoft technologies, your website clones would be made in a jiffy. They also help you have the best customized kickstarter clone website, and the price would be reasonable with high end tech support round the clock too.

Fund your creativity

If you are looking at getting a lot of funds and would need a website that would help with such an activity, kickstarter would be the best bet for you. There are millions who willingly pledge to help various activities, and from all corners of the globe that too. Be it music, movies, technology, art, publishing or even food; kickstarter would bring the crowd to you and ensure that your projects are funded.

A new concept and why not

It has come as a blessing to many since kickstarter patronizes investment in various ways. You get to keep total ownership and have the reigns for the project as well. And the clone website would allow your project, irrespective of its niche; have a platform that would be great to implement all your projects.

The services on offer

With kickstarter you have the options of using the latest plugins, having the latest updates delivered to you and also make it compatible to use across various platforms too. The coding is very clean and extremely neat. It is user friendly and has an encapsulated web 2.0 design which allows users to interact as well.

The kickstarter clone also allows for statistical data reporting and you can do that through bar charts and text messages too. And if you want to export the information across domains, you can use pdf and excel files to do the needful.

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