Delivery is a standout amongst the most imperative parts of any operation. Roamsoft offers an Online Fleet tracking system, Delivery Dispatch System for Restaurant Grocery/Pizza and Fleet Management



Business owner has to make decisions about whether to bring on staff as contractors or full-time employees, or whether to outsource their deliveries or keep them in-house. Also, if a driver is out for delivery and it's difficult to control from that point.

  • The biggest challenge is scheduling a driver and to manage them
  • It is difficult to keep track of each and every driver or delivery boy
  • Inefficiency and late delivery occurs
  • For a business, developing and implementing a dispatch system can get expensive


Dispatch system, developed by Roamsoft Technologies is an off-the-rack solution to oversee delivery and order management for a delivery business. The solution incorporates intuitive iOS and Android applications. Our platform works effectively with pariah regions through our Application Program Interface (API).

  • Supervise delivery drivers by knowing their availability and manage them through system
  • Easy to track drivers or delivery boy using the online system
  • A standard turnaround time is maintained for speedy delivery
  • Pricing will be economical. Provides reliable order management and affordable service to both business owners and the customers

Custom Solitude Off-the-rack Solution for All

Tracking Function

Customers can view vehicle progress. Tracks location of your driver with your customer through email in an authentic-time tracking map-predicated view.


With vehicle dispatching, customers are matched to vehicles according to the order in customer’s location. Dispatcher can communicate with the driver.

Alert Notification

The alert notification will be send to the customer and the framework consequently, whenever driver acknowledges or rejects the delivery order.

Driver App

This is a delivery app with vehicle tracking for android which has the ability to track unlimited deliveries. Displays the shortest and fastest route.

Sub Admin Users

Restaurant owners can deal with numerous branches of their business with a Dispatch System sub client account, which permits administration.

API Integration

Our platform works easily with outsider locales through our API. Programming interface coordinates the Dispatch system with different sites.

Manage Orders

Owners can easily manage their orders. Manage your orders with dispatch solution will reduce to zero operating errors and will save half of your staff’s time.

Route map

For delivery, multiple routes can be planned using route map by just uploading the address. Select the best route and get a live map with multiple routes.

Customer Tracking

Customer can track their delivery drivers easily. On the whole, a tool with easy tracking is available in dispatch solution to track pickup & delivery order status.

What our customer's Experience....

"We find the delivery tracking feature overwhelming! Dispatch solution helped us to build our image of home delivery pros!"