Dealgator Clone Script

We find it very difficult to find track of the best deals in our cities. We have to search through a number of websites to find out about the various deals available on various products and services in the city. The collection of all the available offers through various sites and other sources put on a single website makes it very comfortable for the users. At a click of a button the users are aware of all the deals, discounts, bargains etc available in the city. A single window to know all that your city offers every single day.

This one page information reduces the work of the user. It is build in such a manner that it automatically collects data from various group buying websites. It places the deals as per the category of the product or service and to the city it belongs to. It sends e-mails to the members informing them the latest deals in their cities.

Dealgator Clone – No need for manual updation of deals Yipit Clone

Our Dealgator clone works to automatically:

  • Find all the latest deals according to city and category
  • Automatic aggregation of deals from different websites
  • Alert on favorite and preferred deals to members
  • Easy to use admin panel.

It is build in a fashion that the deals from the best deal sites are automatically uploaded in an attractive design in the site. So come to find the best deal around in a single page.

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