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Roamsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd is very happy to welcome you for the Innovative Project – 2015 contest. Hosted in and by Roamsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd on 10th May 2015. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Innovative Project’. Interested participants are invited to present their explored ideas in unexplored areas of engineering. These projects are to be innovations of one person submitted individually or a team of two. A team of more than two will be not be Selected for the Innovative Project contest. On evaluation of the completed projects, the best will be awarded with,

Job opportunity

cash prize of Rs. 50000/-
In this Best Innovative Project competition, our key focus is to explore how your innovation can improve the industry. We will help you explore what does it make an individual’s responsibility in a team of highly motivated personals who organise themselves to work in teams on a defined project.
Deadline: 10th May 2015
We are accepting submissions for individual presentations or proposals from a team of not more than two. Students are invited to submit an abstract on their individual proposals or a brief outline of Team proposals. Individual projects should include the title of the project and an abstract of the project. Team proposals should include the title of the team, an abstract for the project theme, and details to be included. We welcome presentations for final year engineering students of IT, CSC, ECE EEE only
Please submit a title and a brief abstract for your presentation to roamsofttech.com
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