Will Google Penalize Non Mobile friendly websites resulting in SERP from Apr 21, 2015?

Starting April 21, 2015 Google will enlarges usage of mobile friendly websites ranking factor and this modification will affect mobile searches in all languages across worldwide. Frequently, user will find it easier to receive high-end quality search results, which are customized for their device and also ensures remarkable effect in search results.  Google Web Toolkit (GWT) users will track any changes in their search engine results pages (SERPs), since mobile search results are based on Google handles.  Your websites will not be responsive to different screen sizes and difficult to view on multiple mobile device types, if your website is non-mobile friendly. To solve that Google is applying some plans to penalize your search rankings of non-mobile friendly websites.   This change will increase mobile app connectivity and mobile compatibility within higher rankings factor in search results. Google is focusing to structure digital landscape of mobile friendly websites since online business occurs in a handheld device.

We implemented it easier for users to search mobile-friendly web pages and launched App Indexing to highlight significant content from apps. By using Webmaster Tools account, you can get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site in Mobile usability report. Mobile friendly websites resulting in the SERP takes up a lot of space and complex information so Google might decides to switch something else, like “slow tag”, which enables quick updates. This should effect SERP placement and mobile friendly sites. Google has also launched the “Mobile Friendly Testing Tool” to analyze a URL and report, if the specific page has a mobile-friendly design. These changes are assumed to be very important criterion in your website, landing pages and blog, which are fully optimized for mobile.

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