Why Mobile App Dominating Desktop ?

Millions of people are using mobile apps than desktops across world-wide for surf on internet. Mobile app outshines more than desktops by accessing digital-media platform in online world. A global survey market states user spending 50% of their digital media time on mobile apps and 40% on desktop PCs since mobile app drives majority of media consumption activity and report claims on web browser quickly. It also involves conveying your message to your potential customers via a mobile device in a variety of ways, including Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Mobile Internet and Mobile Applications. Mobile app is very effective and significantly grown with every consumer owning a mobile device.  Websites are consistently evolving and started to turn towards the mobile market. Most of the online business can be carried out through mobile app with high speed, website layout and image rendering to accommodate mobile devices. User can enhance their business circle across globe within short period through mobile app than desktop.

Social networking is the rapid growing category among mobile users. Considering this social networking app such as (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc) has been created for mobile devices. Most often user are preferring mobile app forbrowsing social media sites than desktops because it ensures flexibility, high-speed, time consumption, accuracy, grant-webpage look and user-friendly. User also spends more time on mobile app than desktop for downloading games and various app in play store because they access on various operating system such as (Android, iPhone, Blackberry & Windows). Mobile app ensures a huge marketplace in online business to market products and services easily for users. It continues to dominate mobile world for upcoming future. Large amount of web traffic is received in mobile app compared to desktop from Google, Bing & Yahoo. It is estimated that more than 60 million users have Smartphones in the India alone and it is expected to increase to 66 million in 2016 thats why Mobile App Dominates Desktop.

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