White Label Vs Private Label Solutions: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Digital solutions have completely occupied the day-to-day part of our activity. From shopping to food ordering everything happens online. The rise of smartphones has given a huge scope to transform the world over digitalization. This has motivated the tech community to develop digital solutions serving a different set of purposes. As we could acknowledge, many standalone digital products have started coming to market.

The need for capitalizing on digital resources drastically increased. For small businesses, the need for inclining their business with a digital solution is important. But it is not a viable option as installing the solution makes it expensive. It is at this point the subject arrives at “White-Labeled Solutions & Private Labeled Solutions”.

Let’s Understand the difference between the White-Labeled and the Private-Labeled solution:


White-Labeled solutions are developed by the technology partners defined with all your business needs. As the technology partners have the right expertise over your business solution. They develop the solution under their brand name. So, as per your requirement, the customization and scalability can be done under your own brand label and logo. 

For example, you need an on-demand food delivery solution that looks as if all your business requirements are inclined in that solution. As any of the technology partners who have developed the solution that feeds all your business needs. It is in this position you can get the solution for affordable pricing and customize the solution at your convenience by labeling the solution with your brand and logo. 

Private Labeled solutions are developed by the technology partners by getting the complete requirement from the consumers. As it facilitates customers to brand their solution with their brand name and logo. 


Which One Is Better?

Going with private label solutions simply put manufacturing efficiency. It is because the development process is entirely specified by you. As there lies the similarity over your product and others, but your product is uniquely developed by you meaning it’s more exclusive. Any defects in the product quality make you viable over the lapse. As the product gets sourced unknowingly from unethical businesses the customer will hold up for the customer’s actions. Private labels do slash out a lot of production-related issues, but procurement and inventory costs still need to be managed.

In the case of white-label products, you lose exclusivity as the manufacturer can produce the same products for you and others. As it can produce the same product for multiple users, those efficiencies are shared with your results in cost-efficiency. To make your product reach the markets faster, white-labeled products will help you achieve it.

For small businesses, startups, freelancers, or any other professionals white-labeled products come at their financial budgets. There lies no complexity over-designing the solution and facilitates you over reselling or hybrid selling. You can label the existing solution with your own brand name and logo. This helps the buyers concentrate more on the product roadmap rather than technical product development. 

Bottom Line:

As we’ve learned some of the differences between White-label vs Private-label on how it helps your business enterprises. At your end, it is to understand the significance of both the solutions and set up the right fit to leverage all your business to clearly obtain a high ROI expansion for your business and revenue.

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