Upgrade Version Of BrowseNFind

Thumbtack clone script premises notion of service marketplace business and includes multiple essential features. An origin of the Thumbtack clone is to provide an on-screen local service for resource and client to link. Browsenfind is basically a service provider platform where user can hire local services and can get quotations quickly. It can also speed up the process of customers with higher quality and delivers more relevant information to service professionals. Recently, a frontend of the Browsenfind webpage is modified with updated features. Browsenfind ensures greatest achievement, since we serve successful circumstances for customers and service providers. Customers can easily find service professionals to assist their concerts, strategies and tasks quickly with less time. It also offers numerous events such as vacuuming, wiping the floor, tactical planning, transportation service and management activities. Four types of credits are available in Browsenfind such as ordinary credit, obras credit, special credit and exclusive credit from these credits customer can prefer as you wish. We are requesting service provider to purchase the credits before submitting the quotes to customers. Admin only can set-up credit limit for service provider based on category wise.


In Browsenfind, E-mail notification is send to service provider automatically when the customer sends request to the service provider. Confirmation E-mail is also sent to the customer systematically when service provider sends the quote to customer. Customer can find exact working or nearby location of the service provider easily & quickly by using “Google mapping” service and saves time in searching of the specific service providers for customers. User can send request to the service provider along with service details such as project description, deadline & price based on category wise. Service provider can upload logo, project images and give basic information about services & projects in the site based on category wise. They can also publish the questions on the site based on service types so we can assign relevant service provider for your service quickly. Customer & service provider can chat on the site regarding the project description and post their reviews & comments on the site itself based on services offered by Browsenfind [Thumbtack  Clone].

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