Overview of Q-Commerce in 2022: An Era of HyperFast/Last- Mile Delivery

The generation we live in is clearly, ‘Luxury To All’. Technology is now within everyone’s easy reach. Smartphone and internet penetration are paving the way for e-commerce services via apps and other digital touchpoints. But the last decade has seen a massive shift in consumer behaviour where a myriad of home/corporate services is expected to be delivered with the clap of a pair of hands. There calls the birth for a quick-commerce / on-demand delivery! 

Our lifestyles have taken a drastic shift and modernised and this business of q-commerce and hyperlocal delivery is undeniably skyrocketing. The emergence of E-commerce had many driving factors like the Shop from home comfort, Planned Deliveries, customised food delivery, event management as a package, housekeeping excellence and more. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge factor in normalising this modernised lifestyle. But due to this newer trend of q-commerce, there has been a tangible supply chain disruption.

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