Roamsoft conducted it’s first-ever Tree Planting Activity on March 8th, 2018 at Women’s Christian College, Chennai

Plant-a- tree Program

Each One! Teach One! Plant One!

Each One! Teach One! How to Plant One!

Protecting the tree is a commitment for everybody no matter what; one tree will assimilate around a huge amount of carbon dioxide over the span of its life cycle”

Tree Planting Activity @ Roamsoft

WCC Tree planting, Chennai

As part of Social Responsibility activity, Roamsoft conducted it’s first-ever Tree Planting Activity on March 8th, 2018 at Women’s Christian College, Chennai. Fusing the subject “Form Today, Plant for Tomorrow”, the Tree Planting Activity, which is a deliberate reason, is a piece of the association’s Corporate Social Responsibility that guarantees our dynamic consistence in offering back to the group and to the earth.  The activity was attended by our staff members and the event was graced by the green man of Chennai Mr. G. Mullaivanam who has planted more than 90 lakhs saplings in Tamilnadu.

The Tree Planting Activity expects to bring issues to light to the general public in the significance of planting and sparing trees, express our worry to the earth, and lessen the troublesome impacts of environmental change. It also helps us build a strong relationship with each other by helping hand in hand in preserving the ecology.

The grins and the self-acknowledgment sunk while strolling and planting trees. The trees that we planted will be taken great care. Soon, the dazzling little trees will develop tall, powerful and sufficiently solid to guard our condition to the unforeseeable occasions like typhoons, landslides, tsunamis, and other fortuitous acts.

Why this initiative?

Trees play a vital part in the water cycle, establishing the water in their roots and discharging it into the air. In reality, the greater part the water in the biological system is held inside the plants. Without the plants, the atmosphere may progress toward becoming dryer.


The removal of trees without adequate reforestation has had adverse impacts on bio-sequestration of environmental carbon dioxide, alongside harm to territory, biodiversity loss, and aridity.

As a software company, Roamsoft is positively engaged in caring and preserving the environment. Tree planting is one method for demonstrating our endeavors in improving this world a much place to live in. Without the trees, nothing will protect us from the storms, we couldn’t eat nutritious products of the soil, and certainly we couldn’t inhale natural air.

Construct today, plant for tomorrow. We should spare the nature together!

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