Prominent Features In iOS7

IOS 7 is a seventh and awaited major launch of the iOS mobile operating system created by Apple Inc.  A significant feature of iOS 7 provides attractive impression for iPhone mobile users.  Many things are more frustrating in iOS 7 features let us discuss, it gives an easiest way to delete or undo it in Mail app just shaking your iPhone to bring up the option of undoing an email deletion.  With help of “control center”  option in iOS 7, user can quickly access the flashlight, alarms, calculator, camera and adjust your device’s brightness to save battery life, pause,  play, or skip a song listening, adjust your WiFi and more. Your apps will update systematically when your phone has access to WiFi, so always up to date information is there when use them. It seems to very convenient, but you may find it sucks your battery life then turn it off. Sophisticated camera interface reinforce three photo modes such as photo, video and panoramic photo.  iOS 7 provides live photo filter with filters to select new data transmission mode and various video recording software related to devices.

iPhone5- IOS7

With iOS 7 comes with iTunes radio service integrated with Music app that is ad-supported service freely available to all iTunes users. You will able to retain your music in iCloud and listen to it from anywhere along with listening to iTunes Radio without ads if you subscribe to iTunes Match. Pandora Radio service is inbuilt in iOS 7 and has pre-loaded station consisting of playlist of trendy song on Twitter. Presently, iTunes Radio is only available in U.S and Australia and service will be only available in iOS and Apple TV platforms. iOS 7 creates full multitasking process and background updates offers for all apps. The multitasking dock in iOS 7 displays a screenshot of the entire app than just the icon. CarPlay is available in all iPhones and utilizes the Siri integration in select car models to provide direct access to iOS device functionality hassle-free satellite navigation, phone, music and messages integration through the car’s screen.

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