Now Service Limits Setting in Thumbtack Clone

In previous Online Marketplace, Service provider can add only limited service based on Zipcode, which covers limited area network from their exact location.  Customer can select needed services provider based on Zipcode provided by service provider within limited network. Service provider can service within their circle, it makes pros to offer service for limited area. The list of limitation as follow:

• Service provider does not receive more requests from the customer and difficult to run & gain more profits on their business.
• Service provider can run their business only within his location circle.
• Service provider doesn’t get more leads from customer and ensures lack of business.
• Service provider can’t enhance their business circle in a wide-range.

Roamsoft perceive the pros sake and raised the question,

Why they service provider should serve only to limited area?

Why don’t we Extent the limits?

Online Marketplace Script

Finally, they find solution for that, it is

The Service pro can serve to any area from their location, pro can fix their limits. Roamsoft developed the separate module to plugin the Limitation area settings.

                                                Geo-location service

Roamsoft has launched new process in Browsenfind to improve business market rate in a wide-range. Service provider can add their multi-services by entering the complete address and selecting miles coverage distance from his exact location by using this process. For e.g. If service provider select 30 miles from his location, then the services provider can run & manage their business within 30 miles coverage limit. User can select needed services within the coverage area miles distance-limit fixed by service provider.


(i) Service provider receives more requests from customers by using Geo-Location service.
(ii) Service provider can enhance their business circle outside his loyalty by using this Geo-Location service.
(iii) Service provider can run their business successfully in city-level coverage easily and quickly.
(iv) Service provider can earn more leads and income in business by using this Geo-service.
Online Marketplace Solution
In Roamsoft Technologies, we conclude that Geo-location service is a best and superior-quality process in Browsenfind. This service will completely solves drawbacks of the previous process and satisfies business needs of Service provider. This Geo-location service is available only in Browsenfind and enlarges business circle network coverage throughout city-level for the service provider.

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