How iOS Differ from Android security ?

User can realize that Android and Apple are leading and valuable mobile operating systems across world-wide by analyzing any survey reports about Mobile apps over the internet. The familiarity and trend for these two OS platforms has never drop-down in the market because of the aspects inbuilt by their developers. Most often users are focusing over the security conditions of this operating system related at any point. Whereas professional and studies says distinct opinion about these operating system when it comes to hacking attacks and illegal breaches.  Anyhow, I didn’t aim to take away customers from Android and Apple iOS due to security breaching or cyber attack. My vision is to make them aware of how could you safeguard database from such attack comes suddenly. Most often, it is observed that the security and confidentiality of user database comes under inquiry and questions of people using these operating systems. Hackers say that is very easier to hack Apple’s iOS than hacking Android.

In spite of both iOS and Android, following severe data encryption practices at numerous levels of the production, but the point is to have several data encryption related issues. These both operating systems enables apps to save the encrypted data as cipher text on the disk and also saves same data as plain text when it is imported to PC. This creates big problem for both Android and iOS users. Breaching into these operating systems has always been a simple task for hackers to accomplish since both have a problem in common. User can update OS versions in Android platform but not for all devices. Apple never lets it users to update their iOS with newer version, thus making it more susceptible from security point of view. Due to this reason hackers can access and break into the private data of the user easily and extract information. User can protect their information by yourself instead of blaming the hackers. Make sure that only specific network is on and others are off when you are using your Wi-Fi or other networks. Note that, hackers can easily access through the device when you working using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on. Installing mobile security software may be a good idea to protect your mobile device from various malware threats developed by hackers.

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