How ComeNEat enhance Restaurant Business ?

Comeneat is a largest online food ordering portal across worldwide and has clients, which covers more than 20 countries all over the world. Roamsoft Technologies is the only company, which brings out complete solutions for Comeneat across the world wide and launched two types of apps such as order receiving app and Comeneat app, which ensures flexible solutions for restaurant owners and customers. Restaurant owners can download this wonderful app freely in their Tablets and Smartphone to take an online order process easily. From small to medium-scale restaurants uses the world’s best simplest order receiving app that modernizes your Tablet or Smartphone into an order-receiving system and streamlines your online order taking process for both delivery and pickup. Restaurant owner can use this app by login with your given username and password. Login details are received by restaurant owners from Comeneat admin site and install it in their Tablet and Smartphone. You will receive notification to their Tablet or Smartphone instantly when a customer make an order through your mobile apps, Facebook or website. Restaurant owner can also view the exact routing map for customer location easily and quickly based on Google map by using our order receiving apps. A confirmation mail is send to your customer email systematically if restaurant owners accepts or rejects orders by using this app. New order appears on your Smarphone and Tablet, even though when the apps is closed. It is user-friendly and displays menu order list and other significant details at a grant look, in a single screen. Restaurant owner can view customer order details such as Name, Contact number, address, locality on the map through Order Receiving Apps.

User can make an online ordering food from favorite or nearby restaurant easily and quickly by using this Comeneat app. You will be treated as a loyal customer in restaurant members by using this app for food ordering process. Customer can use this app by logging with your given username & password and receive login details from Comeneat admin site and install it in your Tablet and Smartphone. User can view menu orders from the restaurants based on locality by using this app and receive notifications on the Tablet and Smartphone immediately, if restaurants owner accept and update your order status in Restaurant admin panel. Your order will be reinforced in real time as restaurant member and responding your orders immediately. User food order information is stored on Comeneat admin panel in order to remember favorite food during order process for next time. Ordering process is sandwiched between you and favorite restaurants through this app without any interruptions such as third-party and call-centers.

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