Fleet Management System

The vision of a fleet management system is an order tracking and driver management service.  It operates on a SaaS and mobile-technology tracking platform that monitors driver location in real-time at anywhere in a seamless way. The order is conveyed or transferred into the fleet management platform automatically when a customer make an order on your online ordering system (OOS), then you can assign a driver by seeing her geo-location. The corresponding customer can track the driver when driving to his delivery or customer destination easily. This fleet management system can assign the task to nearby drivers and waiting for acceptance from them. Finally, the system allows you to assign the task to the driver manually based on acceptance. Notification is send to driver, once food delivery order is accepted and then entire routing map will be shown from source to destination with delivery time set-up.  Fleet management system can be integrated with any system to ensure same workflow path within short-time by using our application programming interface (APIs). It consists of two apps i.e. (Driver and customer apps). Customer can track and view delivery order status for each order process via customer app. Notification is sent to customer systematically regarding order acceptance and time duration.  It enables customers to notify driver status immediately.  Driver app enables your drivers to navigate and communicate with customers at anytime during delivery process. It shows exact route mapping location once new order is accepted by driver. Notification will be sent to drivers and customers for every order and deliver process. User can view a real-time snapshot of where your vehicles are located every minute of day using GPS Fleet tracking system. It provides safety, compliance, productivity and efficiency for business and ensures complete access to assets and drivers at any time. Only fleet management system is a valuable platform to provide right GPS fleet tracking solution to customize your business and get you where you need to be. GPS fleet tracking system monitors your driver destination where they go and permits you to receive performance updates according to day-to-day us ability and driver behavior. Delivery management system is created to correlate complete booking process for deliveries. This system ensures real-time booking schedule, easy delivery dispatch and immediate delivery management through route optimization. It helps to manage delivery process in a seamless way. It enables you to deliver transport-efficient delivery date and time set-up with cost options to your customer.  Delivery management system examines complete existing deliveries scheduled, resource availability and route planning parameters, then set-up exact delivery time to offer your customer within seconds so nothing need to worry about existing orders.

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