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Search by city / postcodes / category
Homeowner can search contractor location details via cites & post codes easily and quickly for your projects such as (landscape reworked, your kitchen rebuilt, or have an extension bedroom). Homeowner can find out exact location of specific contractor by searching via city & postcodes. Homeowner can also find the contractors based on category wise. Contractors can search for home owner, taking lead or business purpose via zip codes & category wise easily and quickly.
Turn On / off leads
Contractors can mention accurate working timing such as (pause lead on & pause lead end) for home owner or business purpose for all the days in site itself easily. Contractors can also mention the timing hours with reason (for e.g. illness of injury) to the home owners. Home owners can contact or meet the contractors with hopefully based on this option (Turn On /off leads). It satisfies both needs of home owner & contractor regarding the business.
SMS integration
Once the lead is received by contractor from homeowner immediately the confirmation message or SMS will send to contractor mobile systematically. This SMS integration will aid the contractor regarding the order confirmation process. Contractors can accept or reject orders via SMS integration. By use of mobile applications you can place leads via SMS also.
E-mail integration
E-mail notification is sent to the contractor systematically when the contractor signing up with Just mail. E-mail notification is sent to the homeowner systematically if any new project is released by the contractor.

Payment gateway
Our payment process ensures high security for contractors to pay money via secured online payment gateway integration such as Visa/Master/Discover/American Express / Paypal. Contractors payment details will be protected in highly confidential manner and no third party issues regarding payment. Contractors can access the payment via payment gateway by mobile apps also easily and quickly.
Invoice management
Invoice management generates Lead & Package invoice details of contractors systematically and accurately for daily basis based on date, payment mode & lead. Invoice management reduces burden of the contractors regarding cash delivery from the admin site. Admin panel can view the Lead & Package invoice details of contractors with accurately and easily by using invoice management process.
Social Media Integration
Homeowner shares their reviews with Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Contractors are attracted by more home owners and ensures more publicity via Social media sites. Contractors can make an online lead or home renovation project business in Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Contractors can build shareable contents of their own sites in social media integration in order to get loyal customers.
Refer a Provider
A contractor can refer another provider by providing details of our site link based on company name, phone no, location, type of work. Contractor business circle is enhanced by referring the known person to our site.
Refer a Home Provider
Home owner can refer another home provider to the contractors regarding similar projects to the sites by providing name, contact number, e-mail id. Contractor gets more leads based on their projects and improves their business level.

Package & Pay per lead payment.
Contractor may choose package payment or pay per lead payment regarding business. Package payment consisting of package names such silver, gold, bronze, etc based on package amount & leads per month. Pay per lead payment depends upon total amount of purchasing. The package and pay per lead payment are managed by admin side and based on validity. Contractor can make this payment in the site itself.
Monthly Newsletter
Contractors can send the package details to multiple home owners quickly and easily by using “monthly newsletter option”. Newsletter option saves time for contractors in sending bulk data to multiple home owners. Contractors can also send details of new project release to the specific home owners.
Adding reference
Contractor can improve their business by adding their customer reference to the sites by providing details of reference name, lead category, e-mail & mobile no. Just-mail gets more contractors via this process. Contractor can add their reference names in the sites itself.
Adding insurance
Each contractors must submits their insurance policies details of their site to the admin panel. In case of any emergency admin panel recovers or claims their insurance of the contractors.
Home owners & contractors can write their reviews on the site itself based on projects & services offered by Just Mail. Home owners & contractors shares their reviews in Facebook, Twitter, etc to enhance our site publicity.

Refund request
Contractors can get their refund of the projects based on a lead ID, service name and request reason. Refund will be offered to the contractors either by crediting the amount or replacing the projects. Contractors can send refund request to the admin panel in the site itself.
Home owner and contractor provides statement about services or projects of the admin site. Testimonials are efficient and enhance the projects or services quality based on reviews of the homeowners and contractors. Homeowner and contractor provides statement regarding the project or services quality offered by the site.
Google Map integration
Homeowner can find exact working location of the contractors easily and quickly. The Google map integration saves times in searching of the specific contractors for homeowners. This Google map integration avoids need of customer support for inquiry contractor address.
Homeowners can send the project details to the contractor via message. Conversation regarding the projects can be done via message easily.
Contractor can make a note for each project description completely in the site itself for backup or future purpose regarding business.
Question and Answer
Homeowner can ask the question or details about the new project release from the contractor based on category wise so we assign relevant contractor clear your problem regarding projects. For (e.g. Homeowner can ask about the price of the project). Homeowner can also give suggestion regarding the new project release by contractor.

Mybuilder Clone

Upload work & project photos and logo
Contractors can upload their work photos, logo and write their work history based on their projects easily in site itself. Homeowner can upload their new project photos on their site itself.
Invite contractor
Homeowner can invite new contractor for their upcoming home renovation projects such as kitchen rebuilt, extension bedroom or landscape reworked by posting a comment in an invite contractor.
Yearly Statistics in admin side
Admin panel can easily view the upgrade membership & posted projects ratings of total users such as (contractors & homeowners) in a graphical representation diagram for yearly vice exactly and quickly. Admin panel can also view growth of the site easily by using this yearly statistics process.
Category, form fields and Zipcode managements
Admin can view entire workflow process details of homeowners & contractors by using this process. Contractors & Homeowners can use this “Category, form fields and Zipcode managements” in order to get more leads or projects and run their business successfully and easily.
Post a project
Homeowner can post a home renovation project on the website according to her needs by selecting category wise and details about the project description. Homeowner must submit their permanent address with city & Zipcode and deadline of your projects while posting the project. Homeowners can select the best contractor according to her wish.
Lead Management
Home owner can post a project on the website based on category wise. The project posted by the homeowner will automatically moves to the contractors for a lead or business purpose based on service or category wise specific area of contractors for a lead or business. Homeowner can exactly find contractor for your posted projects easily and quickly instead of searching all the contractors in the areas.
Homeowner can search their project based on category wise and post their projects on the site at cost-free. Project is assigned to the contractors based on category wise systematically. Contractors may bid or purchase the project or lead from the homeowners. Homeowners can select the best contractor according to her wish.
Contractor or tradesman
Contractor receives millions of homeowners for their home renovation projects on daily basis. Contractor may choose package payment or pay per lead payment regarding business or leads. Package payment consisting of package names such silver, gold, bronze, etc based on package amount & leads per month. Pay per lead payment based on services or total amount of purchasing. The package and pay per lead payment are managed by admin side and based on validity. Contractor can make this payment in the site itself.

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