Features of BrowseNFind Version 2 – II

Social media integration
Service provider can upload their videos, comments and images based on service types via social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. Each service of Browsenfind expects authentic customers in their homepage.  In order to satisfy their necessity, we offer extra features like Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and email accounts of the customers and the service professionals. In this cases the customer can assume that they are delivery their task to real time service professionals. On the another side, the professionals will be assumed that they are sharing out with the honest experts. This initiates successful circumstances for customers, professionals and the website administrator.

Google Map Integration
Customer can find exact working or nearby location of the service provider easily and quickly. The Google mapping saves time in searching of the specific service providers for customers. This Google mapping avoids need of customer support for inquiry contractor address.

Admin panel
Admin operates for various options that would offer extreme profit. Admin panel is the section of the website, which supports the user to operate various dissimilar features of his account on the website. The service provider can modify his profile by adding content to the profile page and rework the settings of the account page. Moreover service provider can sign-up into his account and test entire statements and messages received.

Provider sign-up
Service providers can sign up with site via E-mail ID and add various services based on category wise & Zipcodes. Service providers can also sign-up with Facebook & Twitter.

Customer sign-up
Service providers can sign up with site via E-mail ID and search services based on category wise & Zipcodes. Customer can also sign up with Facebook & Twitter.

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