GPRS Integration for Food Order ?

GPRS integration provides a convenient, fast and customized solution to food ordering process. It generates food order processing details directly without missing and also generates invoice notification for each food order process systematically. GPRS is especially suitable for usage of food ordering system. It involves integration of online system used at the online user end with the GPRS printer installed in the business office’s end. Staff operating in the business gets intimated through a beep sound about the recent food order details when a customer places an order online. It is then processed for delivery to the respective customer, if the order is approved by the business staff. This service facilitates the food orders quickly. As a business owner, it is suggested to use this service to revolutionize the way the business runs. It would make a big impact in running the business operations.

GPRS printer is user-friendly and you can use this device only with GPS SIM card and Wi-Fi at anytime and anywhere.  User needs two factors such as (Callback and Order request) to access GPRS printer. Once food order is placed by user, then order ID will be displayed on GPRS printer. In case of order rejection by user, SMS or failed reason will be displayed on the GPRS printer. It provides accurate payment details for each food order process and reduces installation costs. It is also compact and portable for receiving and printing text-based messages from web applications. GPRS printer is especially suitable for restaurant owners to receive food orders from the directly from website and generates daily/weekly/monthly sales reports automatically. GPRS printer displays exact location of the delivery process with distance and time calculation.

How ComeNEat enhance Restaurant Business ?

Comeneat is a largest online food ordering portal across worldwide and has clients, which covers more than 20 countries all over the world. Roamsoft Technologies is the only company, which brings out complete solutions for Comeneat across the world wide and launched two types of apps such as order receiving app and Comeneat app, which ensures flexible solutions for restaurant owners and customers. Restaurant owners can download this wonderful app freely in their Tablets and Smartphone to take an online order process easily. From small to medium-scale restaurants uses the world’s best simplest order receiving app that modernizes your Tablet or Smartphone into an order-receiving system and streamlines your online order taking process for both delivery and pickup. Restaurant owner can use this app by login with your given username and password. Login details are received by restaurant owners from Comeneat admin site and install it in their Tablet and Smartphone. You will receive notification to their Tablet or Smartphone instantly when a customer make an order through your mobile apps, Facebook or website. Restaurant owner can also view the exact routing map for customer location easily and quickly based on Google map by using our order receiving apps. A confirmation mail is send to your customer email systematically if restaurant owners accepts or rejects orders by using this app. New order appears on your Smarphone and Tablet, even though when the apps is closed. It is user-friendly and displays menu order list and other significant details at a grant look, in a single screen. Restaurant owner can view customer order details such as Name, Contact number, address, locality on the map through Order Receiving Apps.

User can make an online ordering food from favorite or nearby restaurant easily and quickly by using this Comeneat app. You will be treated as a loyal customer in restaurant members by using this app for food ordering process. Customer can use this app by logging with your given username & password and receive login details from Comeneat admin site and install it in your Tablet and Smartphone. User can view menu orders from the restaurants based on locality by using this app and receive notifications on the Tablet and Smartphone immediately, if restaurants owner accept and update your order status in Restaurant admin panel. Your order will be reinforced in real time as restaurant member and responding your orders immediately. User food order information is stored on Comeneat admin panel in order to remember favorite food during order process for next time. Ordering process is sandwiched between you and favorite restaurants through this app without any interruptions such as third-party and call-centers.

Menu Start

“Menu Start” is a leading online food ordering portal for online restaurants and ensures better relationship between restaurants owners and customers. It is an amazing platform, which delivers high quality to the customers for ordering food online and excellent service to the restaurants for managing customer orders effectively. Restaurants owners can download this amazing app freely in their mobiles such as (iphones, Smartphones or Tablets). We created the world’s finest simplified online order receiving system, which is utilized by small-scale and medium-scale restaurants. This app modernizes your iphones, Smartphones and Tablets into an order-receiving system and simplifies your process of making online orders for both delivery and pickup. MenuStart covers major restaurants all over India. Restaurants owners can accept or reject orders after receiving order from the customer request via Apps. You can view the exact routing map for the customer location with delivery timing and distance measurement in 3D dimensional view easily and quickly. When user accepts or rejects orders confirmation mail is transmitted to customer email systematically. Restaurant owners can see the exact delivery address of the customers location simply. New order appears on your Smartphone or Tablet, even though when the apps is closed by using this app.

Complete Solution For Online Food Ordering

Roamsoft Technologies provides complete solutions for online restaurant business all over the world-wide. Roamsoft booming out restaurant online business across the world wide. Roamsoft improves restaurant business growth in an online world. Roamsoft launched online food ordering script, which ensures advanced features and makes online order process easily for restaurant business.

 Ordering system for customers

Registering process
Customer can make a food order by registering in a website with an Email-ID & password and Facebook.
Search by Area/city/postcodes
Customer can search out particular location of restaurants or any restaurants by clicking Area, City and Postcodes in a website easily. Customer can filter unnecessary restaurants via these options.
Restaurant Info
Customer can view the delivery areas of the all restaurants with City name, Postal code, Delivery charges by using this option “restaurant info” in our website. User can also see the exact delivery opening & closing timing of the restaurants for all the days. User can view the menu item list and select lovable food from preferred restaurants.
Book a Table
Customer can book a table for various members, guests or friends with accurate date & time on the easily and rapidly. Customer must give Name, E-mail-id & mobile number for booking table. Customer information will not be shared with any third parties and protected in highly confidential manner it is only for our verification purpose.
Offers & deals
Exciting offers of the restaurant are displayed via various sites and other resources lay on a single website to make it very suitable for the customers. The deals & offers & deals are set-up as per the categories of the latest menu list and customer needs.
Restaurant mapping
Customer can view the exact location of restaurant, which is nearby for user easily and quickly. By use of this application user can save time & money during ordering process.
Selection of delivery
Customer can make food order for home-delivery & pickup in all major restaurants sites. Customer can modify the date and timing of both home-delivery & pickup process.

Add on
Customer can add an extra item with an ordered food while ordering itself according to their wish.

MenuStart – Online Food Order App


Restaurants owners can download this amazing app freely in their Smartphones or Tablets to manage the online order process easily. Restaurant owners can enhance their business growth within short period via this amazing app. We created the world’s finest simplified online order receiving system, which is utilized by small-scale and medium-scale restaurants. This app modernizes your Smartphones and Tablets into an order-receiving system and simplifies your online food ordering process for both delivery and pickup.

How it works?
– Restaurant owners receives login details from Menustart admin website and login it in your tablet or mobile

– The restaurant owners receives notification to their mobile or tablet instantly when a customer places an order via your mobile apps, Facebook or website.

– Restaurants owners accept or reject orders after receiving order from the customer request via MenuStart Order Receiving Apps.

-Restaurant owners can mention exact delivery time of the delivery process based on Google map when a customer makes a food order via mobile apps, Facebook or website.

This order-receiving apps turns out your smartphone or tablet into an order-receiving device and controls your order-taking process easily.


Restaurant owners can manage multi-restaurants sites own by her by selecting default option of the specific restaurant name.

Restaurant owner App can view the exact routing map for the customer location based on Google map with delivery timing and distance in 3D dimensional view based on Google map easily and quickly

-Restaurant owners can modify or make changes in their restaurant account page (password or profile changes) of the MenuStart.

– Confirmation mail is transmitted to your customer email systematically when restaurant owner accept or reject orders.

-Restaurant owners can see the exact delivery address of the customers location based on Google map simply.

– New order appears on your smartphone or tablet, even though when the apps is closed.

– Displays full menu orders and other essential details at a grant look, in a single screen

Menu Start


Menu Start

Features of Online Food Order System

Online Ordering System

Roamsoft creates fulfill online menu ordering system for your restaurant, which includes a custom-built online menu, a state-of-art-mind GPRS printer and secured payment process.

Professionally Brand-Named Website

Roamsoft will design and develop unique website for your restaurant by including your symbol or logo & colours. Roamsoft modernize your current website and integrate and assimilate the online menu ordering system perfectly.

 Local Search Engine Optimization

Roamsoft will aid you develop your Google+ Local listing and confirm it is optimized for customers to find you via search. Restaurant owners can enhance their business found on Google with local search engine optimization.

Optimized Mobile Experience

Restaurant Menu Order System offers a solution, which is easy to use for customer to make order on the go. Customers make an order right from their mobile devices via RMOS.

24*7 Tech Support and Training

The online menu ordering system requires little less technical knowledge in case of any issue with your system, our technical experts will be right there to aid you.

Personalized Web Portal

Web statistics will be inbuilt with all the restaurants sites using the Restaurant menu ordering system. Watch your restaurant profits growth using the RMOS easy-to-use reporting platform.

 In- Built support & Upsells

Restaurant owners can integrate extra option such as side dishes, toppings & beverages into the ordering process to increase food orders for your restaurant.

Social Media Integration

RMOS aids you enhance your social media presence on social networking sites like Trip & Yelp advisor, Facebook and Urbanspoon. This delivers an opportunity for customers to spread the word about your amazing food and service.

Facebook Ordering

Facebook is a most fashionable social media site on the web that attracts millions of users. Menu start delivers Facebook ordering apps integrated with your restaurant website. Customer can make an order via Facebook at anytime and anywhere. Facebook Food ordering apps spins or turn fans and like to the customers. Various patterns, templates and designs are provided by Menu Start, which outfits the brand image of your restaurant sites.

SMS Gateway Integration

SMS gateways booming the online business over the world so many customers can make orders via SMS. SMS gateway integration services are offered by RMOS with secured. Customer can make ordering process simple and saves time when ordering the food via SMS integration. Restaurant owners are confirmed the customer request easily via SMS service at anytime.

Newsletter Management

Newsletter is an efficient process for restaurant owners to update latest offers & deals to the customers. Restaurant owners can send the details of offers & vouchers to multiple customers quickly and easily by using newsletter option. Newsletter option saves time for restaurant owners in sending bulk data to multiple customers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our Payment method ensures high security for customers to pay money via secured online payment gateway integration such as Stripe, Card save, Postfinance, Sagepay. Customer payment details will be protected in highly confidential manner and third party issues regarding payment. Customer can access the payment via payment gateway by mobile apps also easily and quickly during online ordering process.

online food order software

Restaurant Menu Order System

Restaurant menu order system (RMOS) is a foremost on-screen tariff ordering program and satisfies desires and necessity of customer trade. From anywhere customer can mandate penchant or desired food by utilizing the menu order system. The menu order system is designed according to business requests and offers numerous theme selections. The menu order system enables outlook and sense of brasserie style with modified tariff.  The menu order system offers variation choices of modes such as expense, transfer, magazines and other conditions for customer wishes simply and quickly. The system modernizing trade statics beyond the network on an unique location and maintaining data accurately.

By consuming the supervision characteristics of the Restaurant menu order system our restaurant organization becomes trouble-free and rapid. User can supervise the trade resource at a single location by clicking a mouse. Tariff notes and food stuff notes can be designed simply and essentially. User can fetch a snap-shot of your brasserie tariff from the menu notes itself. Moreover user can add, modernize and remove fresh notes simply.

Facebook Food Order

User can receive an outshine consumer commitment and fascinate gigantic consumer to your restaurant. Facebook are day-to-day utilized by millions of Facebook followers or devotees, so they may use any Facebook apps similar whatever. Convenience of Facebook app for your brasserie menu sustain extremely successful for your trade. From Facebook users you lead accepting order to your Facebook page by exploiting Facebook app of Restaurant menu order system. Facebook app is simple to use and saves charge at a constant time. Facebook app is best for Facebook user to explore your menu and order beloved dishes quickly.

Restaurant Menu Order System

Food Order Solution

Online food order script is a best and largest online ordering portal to order your food online from your favorite or lovable restaurants quickly and easily.

How is it works?

You can select your exact location and favorable or lovable food from your preferred restaurants via Online food order script by paying via cash or card in the site itself. Enjoy your delicious & yummy food from Online food order script.

The online food order script is designed in a such way for a customer to search best deal sites in an attractive structure of a website. In case of delay, you can check its condition by utilizing our “check status” aspects on the website. In Roamsoft the online food order script delivers all-inclusive result to online ordering website.

Make your order or reserve a table via this software (online food order script) will be much better than utilizing via phone. We offer you free software services and does not need to pay an extra amount for utilizing our website. It is easy to use and simple to operate.

Why do you prefer online food order script?
The online food order script from Roamsoft ensures enrichment order for a customer through online order. Lovable foods can be mandated from selected ideal restaurants by the customers via this online order food script.

The online food order script ensures a huge option to select a deal from major restaurants in your site and saves money for customers.The online food order script ensures advance orders for customers. You have to mention your exact date and time for delivering the food to you. The online food order script from Roamsoft delivers all-inclusive result to online ordering website.