5 Amazing Startups In The Netherlands

The Netherlands startup ecosystem is ranked 5th in Western Europe and 11th Worldwide. There are over 300 startups, Foodtech, 152 startups Energy & Environment, and 136 Fintech-related startups in The Netherlands. They currently hold the number 3 spot in food tech and 9th in Energy & Environment and Fintech startups worldwide.

Amsterdam is not only the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands but can also be considered the country’s startup capital. According to a report titled Venture capital & tech in Amsterdam, the combined enterprise value of tech companies created since 2000 has hit the $100 Billion mark. Amsterdam now counts 12 companies valued at over $1B+, close to one company per year on average.

With so much happening in Amsterdam, we compiled a small list of 5 startups that we think are set to shape the future of technology. Startups from various sectors that demonstrated high growth and innovation internationally and locally were selected. We further shortlisted companies that generated colossal investor interest and plans for massive expansion. We decided on the top 5 companies based on the narrowed-down list.

Crisp — The supermarket app for cracking fresh food.

Founders Michiel Roodenburg, Tom Peeters, Eric Klaassen.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The app-only online supermarket focuses on delivering fresh seasonal produce, from groceries to bread, sourced from over 600+ small and high-quality producers around the Netherlands. Its mission is to make better food possible for more people. Their customers can order through the app, and the products are delivered fresh the next day.

The company has raised €46 million through a series of funding and is looking to expand further into the Netherlands and then to the rest of Europe.

Picnic — Your daily groceries are delivered for free

Founders Michiel Muller, Frederik Nieuwenhuys,Daniel Gebler, Joris Beckers.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Picnic is a fast-growing tech company similar to Crisp – the supermarket app. They sell everything from A-brand to private label, from fresh groceries to shampoo. You order what is required beforehand from the app, and your orders are delivered fresh from the baker, greengrocer, and other suppliers. They have a minimum order value of €35.

Picnic is also going eco-friendly by using electric trucks that take efficient routes to reach the customers, reducing their carbon footprint massively. All the packing bags used by them are made of sustainable bioplastic. You also receive a deposit of 35 cents if you return the delivery bags on your next order.

The company has raised total funding of €1.1 Billion and plans to expand further in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and other European countries.

Just Eat Takeaway — Empowering your every food movement.

Founders Per Meldgaard, Martijn Rozendaal, Jesper Buch, Marc Wesselink,, Ohad Folman, Laurens Groenendijk.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Just Eat Takeaway.com is a lead­ing glob­al online food deliv­ery mar­ket­place that con­nect­s consumers and restau­rants through its plat­form. It facil­i­tates the online order­ing, pay­ment, and occa­sion­al­ly, ful­fil­ment of orders. They have delivery services in five European countries spanning over 23 cities.

Just Eat Takeaway was the result of a merger between two of the most success­ful food deliv­ery com­pa­nies — Just Eat and Takeaway.com. Their mis­sion “To be the best food deliv­ery com­pa­ny on the planet.”

Just Eat Takeaway has raised over €2 Billion in total funding and closed its last funding via a Post-IPO Equity round on Aug 12, 2021.

Payaut — The payment solution for online platforms and marketplaces.

Founder Ernst Van Niekerk.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Payaut, is a fintech company offering automated payment solutions for online marketplaces. Founded in 2019, they provide a payout process that is PSD2-compliant; this solution helps online marketplace platforms by automating the seller onboarding and KYC. Online market platforms can also process split payments and payouts through one API, all while being PSP (Payment Service Provider) agnostic. This allows marketplaces to work with any PSP or multiple PSPs simultaneously.

The company is still in its seed funding and has raised €11.6 Million. They plan to expand all across Europe once they launch their multi-currency platform.

Silverflow — One platform, one connection.

Founder Paul Buying, Anne Willem De Vries, Robert Kraal

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Silverflow is a cloud-based payment processing platform. They provide an upgrade for payment providers shielding them from the security risks associated with the current outdated legacy technology. With Silverflow, PSPs, acquirers, and enterprise merchants can directly access card networks, add new functionality, get real-time insight, and get data directly from the networks.

The company has raised €20 Million with the last funding round on Dec 16, 2021. The company is eyeing expansion into the USA with the proceeds from the funding

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